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Hello! I'm Alyssa, Owner of Driven KC Designs!  I am very passionate about my business and want to tell you a few things about myself and Driven KC Designs, so here we go!

I started Driven KC Designs because I love to be creative and wanted to leave the typical 8-5 job atmosphere.  I always try to think outside the box and use my creativity with everything I do.  By thinking outside the box, my business can focus on creative ways for providing awesome customer service and quality products, if I'm not happy with my product, you won't be happy.

Driven KC Designs want's to make it right!

I am a very driven, athletic, and caring person who loves playing softball and teach children sports.  I enjoy time with family and close friends with cookouts and games!  I have many talents that I enjoy like cooking, race car driving, and I must say I am a darn good outfielder! (like super girl flying through the air good :) )


 Enough about me.  My goal is to provide my customers with the best experience possible to ensure you truly enjoy the product I create for you!

Driven KC Designs
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